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Baby Opossum

Since opossums do not have nests or dens, the babies travel with the mom until they are able to live on their own.  If a single opossum is found with no mother around it cannot be re-united.  Keep it warm and do not feed it anything and call the clinic ASAP (636) 677-3670.

If you find live baby opossums around a dead mother keep them warm, do not feed and call the WRC (636) 677-3670.

If you find a dead mother with a pouch full of babies the dead mother and babies can be brought to us immediately with the babies still in the pouch undisturbed.  Time is very important at this stage to avoid the babies from consuming spoiled milk.


Baby Opossum (Pinky and Silky)

Opossum pouch with babies

Our Mission

"To respond to the rehabilitation needs of sick, injured and orphaned Missouri mammals, release healthy wildlife back into its natural environment and provide the community with a resource for educations programs, advice and general awareness of urban wildlife."